Coinsroyal’s Year in Review

Coinsroyal’s Year in Review

In the crypto-currency market, 2020 has been a year of ups and downs. On March 12, Bitcoin witnessed its darkest moment, falling 39.5 per cent. Bitcoin ushered in its hottest record-breaking moment on November 30, topping $19,722 for the first time.

2020 was also a year of widespread blockchain technology adoption. The market capitalization of cryptocurrencies was just below $ 200 billion at the beginning of 2020, while it is now over $ 738 billion. That’s a 269 percent net increase.

With institutional liquidity flooding into the crypto market, there was also an increased enthusiasm for conventional capital investment. Google Trends also reveals that Bitcoin’s latest search index broke record highs. Additionally, the overall value locked in DeFi has had an extraordinary upward trend. At the beginning of the year, it skyrocketed from $650 million to $15 billion, a staggering rise of 2,000 percent+ year-over-year.

At Coinsroyal , 2020 has seen a year of expansion. Coinsroyal will share the 2020 Coinsroyal yearin review with you.

  1. The 24-hour deposit exceeded $ 50 million

A significant number of users deposited crypto assets Coinsroyal  on March 9, and the 24-hour deposit exceeded $ 500 million, an all-year record!

  1. In 24 hours, trading volume surpassed $ 100 million

Fueled by DeFi’s success, the crypto market is on the rebound. The trading volume of Coinsroyal is growing. On July 28, the 24-hour trading volume exceeded $ 1.9 billion, a record for the full year.

  1. Bitcoin contributes to 1/4 of the trading volume of Coinsroyal

The most common trading pair was BTC / USDT (by volume) in 2020, which accounted for 26.1 percent of the total trading volume of Coinsroyal.

  1. Altcoin is gaining popularity

In 2020, about 74.7% of Bitcoin users traded with Coinsroyal. Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as many altcoins, are becoming more popular. This year, about 88.4 percent of users traded altcoins. On Coinsroyal, find the next crypto gem.

  1. Altcoins Coinsroyal on are the most common

KCS, EOS, AMPL, ADA, TRX, VIDT, Connect, XTZ, ATOM, and DOT are the 10 most common Altcoins (by volume) in 2020.

  1. With Coinsroyal 85.9 percent of users made profit this year,

The overwhelming majority of users went from red to black in 2020, with the turnaround in the cryptocurrency sector. 85.9 percent of users of Coinsroyal have gained positive revenue. However, throughout the year, more than half of these users make less than 10 transactions. HODL is arguably the most stable way to earn money.